When it comes to selecting a cleaning service that provides a personal touch, making your life easier and putting passion into their work, Lady TCB is here to assist you in. Dust! No Fuss! We are dedicated, hard-working, cleaning company with years of experience in our field. We provide general cleaning service to families. We pride ourselves that we provide a fully managed, bespoke services to match your exact requirements.

Cleaning Services

Regular Weekly Home Cleaning:

We will consult you on how long it will take you to clean your house. We appreciate that all houses are different and that you may have different requirements or a specific budget. We will take all these aspects into consideration and work out the best possible plan for you. Lady TCB domestic cleaning services may include:

  • A thorough clean of your bathrooms and kitchen, including wiping cupboard fronts and washing floors

  • Dusting skirting boards, pictures, lampshades, knick-knacks, ornaments, windowsills, furniture and light fittings

  • Complete vacuuming of all rooms

  • Spot cleaning of paintwork.

  • …and more! Just ask! Lady TCB is here for you.


Spring Cleaning:

We offer a Spring Cleaning service to our regular clients. This can be arranged directly with your cleaner and will involve a thorough deep clean of your house, once or twice a year. Please contact us for more information on this service as well as special rates charged.

Please Note:

Most of our clients prefer us to use their own cleaning products and equipment (like vacuum cleaners, mops etc). This ensures that cross contamination does not take place between homes (i.e pet hairs etc.) This also ensures that homes are cleaned with the products preferred by the client. If you would like us to provided cleaning products and equipment, please discuss this with Lady TCB.


Lady TCB will conduct a comprehensive consultation with you at your property. At this meeting will discuss your exact cleaning requirements and work out a suitable plan to meet your needs, including required number of visits a week/month and cost and payment method.


Your requirements will be documented and returned to you in the form of a contract. This will also include matters relating to the terms of contract and confidentiality. The exact length of the contract will also be confirmed and agreed. Lady TCB requires a notice period of 4 weeks for the cancellation of the agreed contract. Please see Terms & Conditions for more detail.


Our rate is £18.00 per hour. There is a minimum requirement of 2 hours per appointment.

Payments are accepted daily or weekly.