When considering the right person to take care of your home, your tasks, and making your life easier, Lady TCB is here to assist you. As a housekeeper, Lady TCB is there to support families, working couples or individuals who require a caring hand to perform a variety of domestic duties. Her professional approach and friendly attitude makes light work of any domestic tasks, no matter how big or small.

Housekeeping Services

Our housekeeper are there to assist in running your home and perform a variety of duties-from washing, cleaning and ironing, to walking your pets. No task is too big or too small and duties will differ from client to client, but typically they include:

  • General House Work:

    • This includes general cleaning duties.

    • Managing laundry

  • Family Pets:

    • Walking and feeding family pets.

  • General Home Management:

    • Overseeing tradesmen

    • Receiving deliveries

    • Organising wardrobes and other cupboards

    • Keeping record of household supplies.


Lady TCB will conduct a comprehensive consultation with you at your property. At this meeting she will discuss your exact housekeeping requirements and design a suitable plan to meet your needs, including required number of visits a week/month and cost and payment method.


Your requirements will be documented and returned to you in the form of a contract. This will also include matters relating to the terms of contract and confidentiality. The exact length of the contract will also be confirmed and agreed upon. Lady TCB requires a notice period of 4 weeks for the cancellation of the agreed contract. Please see Terms & Conditions for more detail.


Our rate is £25.00 per hour. There is a minimum requirement of 2 hours per appointment.

Payments are accepted daily or weekly.