This is a service aimed at Senior Citizens. It differs from Housekeeping or Cleaning services in the way that it is done at a “slower” pace and with guidance from the client. Predominantly a housekeeping and companionship role where duties may include general housekeeping and companionship.

Home Help Services

Service are tailored to suit each individual client, but may include:

  • General Companionship:

    • We aim to be like a friend or relative who comes to visit, while performing household chores.

    • This aspect is client-led and may include asking about their day and talking about current events.

  • General Home Help:
    • Receive or collects prescriptions
    • Remind clients of appointments (may involve organising transport for clients to and from appointments)
    • Receiving and processing deliveries (including food deliveries)
    • Receiving and supervising repairmen when needed
    • Keeping record of all household supplies (including food) and informing relatives responsible for supplying these.
  • General Housework:

    • Light Cleaning

    • Laundry Washing, folding and ironing (if required)

    • Changing bedding when needed

  • Reporting:

    • Written reports and updates to family members on the general well-being of the client.

    • Raise concerns with next of kin about issues with property maintenance (i.e. blocked toilets, leaks)

    • Raise concerns with regards any other issues (safety and security)


After contacting us, Lady TCB will arrange an initial home visit to conduct a support needs assessment. This goal of her assessment is to identify your needs and to discuss your specific requirements in order to assist you or your loved one’s well-being. She encourages your involvement in this assessment so that services can be tailored to suit your exact needs.

 You will also be guided through the service contract and its term and conditions.


Your requirements will be documented and returned to you in the form of a contract. This will also include matters relating to the terms of contract and confidentiality. The exact length of the contract will also be confirmed and agreed. Lady TCB requires a notice period of 4 weeks for the cancellation of the agreed contract. Please see Terms & Conditions for more detail.


If agreed with the the client, selected family members can request reports on the general well-being and progress of a client. Kindly speak to Lady TCB directly with regards to this service.


Our Home Help rate is £25.00 per hour. T

here is a minimum requirement of 3 hours per appointment.

Payments are accepted daily or weekly.